Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is training like?

    Totally Nutz will provide a minimum of 33 hours of training out our state of the art training facility in St. George, Utah. Training includes both classroom and hands-on so you will be ready to run your own franchise and ready to maximize your earnings.

  • Does Totally Nutz offer on-site training?

    Yes, Totally Nutz offers on-site training for your first event should you choose.

  • Can I be a Passive Owner?

    You can be a passive owner if you correctly train an on-site manager in the proper way of operating your Totally Nutz business and our model is followed.

  • Does Totally Nutz sell territories?

    No, Totally Nutz does not offer exclusive territories. Rather, the Totally Nutz family works together to build the brand. Once you are accepted into an event or venue, you report this information to corporate and we protect is as your propriety event/venue. The event/venue remains protected for you until you abandon it or are not welcomed back. This process allows for you to work events around the country as you wish. Once an event/venue wants more representation by Totally Nutz, you can invite other franchise owners in to help you, but the event remains your protected event.

  • Does Totally Nutz offer a discount to Veterans?

    10% discount off your franchise fees.

  • Can I buy more than one franchise?

    Yes, we offer deep discounts for multiple franchise packs.

  • How many people can attend the training?

    We permit two people to attend training, but will permit additional people for a small fee.

  • Where does the training take place?

    St. George, Utah, located in the south west part of the state and a short 90-minute drive from Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • What airport would I fly into to attend training?

    First search for the St. George, Utah airport (SGU). We have daily flights from Denver or Phoenix. Otherwise you can fly into Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS) and take a short 90-minute drive to St. George.

  • What equipment will I need other than what is offered in my package?

    You will need a truck to move your equipment from events and an enclosed trailer to haul it. The enclosed trailer will need a 74.5” rear door opening.

  • What are your royalty fees?

    7% of net monthly sales. This is calculated after you pay state sales taxes.

  • Is Financing available?

    Totally Nutz does not offer a financing option and works closely with the SBA for your financing needs.

  • How long before I can begin operating my Totally Nutz business?

    After being accepted as a franchise owner, we will schedule you for training. Following your training, you will be prepared to begin booking your first shows and how soon you start is entirely up to you and your schedule.

  • How do I obtain a copy of the Totally Nutz Franchise Disclosure Document?

    Contact our sales team and once approved to proceed in the process, we will send you a copy of the FDD.

  • Why should I join the Totally Nutz team?

    Because we have a fun, family friendly, concept and we are TOTALLY NUTZ!

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