Totally Nutz® Franchise Mobile-Event Business: Assisting Owners with Event/Venue Acquisition

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One of the first things potential owners (franchisees) ask us during the discovery process is, “How do I find events and locations for my business?”

Once someone decides to join our nutty team, we have them attend a week-long training course at the Totally Nutz® Corporate office in St. George, Utah. Here they learn everything they need to know about ownership.

The training our owners receive is a combination of classroom time and hands-on time. Classroom time consists of product and equipment knowledge, marketing and social media fundamentals, acquiring events and venues, a full review of the operations manual, online library, and setting up their own microsite.

Hands-on training consists of learning how to choose an event or venue, such as a sports stadium, multi-purpose arena, convention center, etc., how to maintain and troubleshoot equipment, set-up and tear-down for an event, roasting and glazing fundamentals, loading and unloading their equipment from a trailer, and gift packaging.

Basically, someone with no business knowledge can walk out the door after completing a week of new franchisee training at Totally Nutz® and be ready to operate their own business. An owner who has no experience reaching out to an event planner or concessionaire will have the tools and confidence to start booking events.

What Does the Process of Acquiring an Event Look Like?

During training, we instruct Totally Nutz® franchisees what to look for in an event. We start by providing a multitude of resources for searching for events in any given area. Many franchisees like to work close to home, while others may want to travel the country. There are no territory restrictions put on Totally Nutz® franchisees so if no other Totally Nutz® franchisee has contracted for the event or venue, it is wide-open.

Once a franchisee has created their “wish-list” of events, dates, and locations, it is time to start the application process. Many event websites have a link for vendors. With one click you with usually see vendor information such as terms, costs, requirements, etc. There is also usually an online form which you can complete and submit for consideration.

With over 29 years of experience in the mobile-event business, Totally Nutz® leadership has other helpful tips and hints that are proven to give our owners an extra advantage if utilized. These secrets are shared with our owners during the in-house, initial training and we continue to offer this support in the field.

It doesn’t take long before Totally Nutz® owners learn what types of events they prefer to work. Whether you prefer indoors or outdoors, fairs or festivals, weekday or weekend, the choice is the owners. Take your business anywhere your heart desires!

Event fees are generally paid upon acceptance to the event which could come in the form of a phone call or an email. The fees range in price and could be a flat fee or a percentage of your daily sales. Some events may require other things which would be listed in the requirements section of the contract or on the vendor page of the event website.

What if I Prefer to Work in a Semi-Permanent Location?

There are many options for our Totally Nutz® mobile-event carts. Many owners find that working at a venue which has a calendar of events to be more desirable than working temporary events. These types of locations could include convention centers, airports, shopping areas, train stations, sports stadiums, ballparks, soccer fields, and multipurpose arenas which are home to NHL and AHL hockey, NBA and WNBA basketball. Multipurpose arenas also have a full calendar of other events such as top name artist concerts, WWF events, Harlem Globetrotters, and much more.

Owners who desire these types of semi-permanent locations receive support from corporate for acquiring space at these facilities. Totally Nutz® Corporate has successfully created partnerships with venues across the United States. Some examples of these are FedEx Field (Washington Redskins NFL), Texas A&M Kyle Field (Aggies NCAA), Nissan Stadium (Tennessee Titans NFL), Rio Tinto Stadium (Real Salt Lake MLS), Toyota Stadium (FC Dallas MLS), Bankers Life Fieldhouse (Pacers NBA), The Rose Bowl (UCLA Bruins NCAA), Dignity Health Sports Park (LA Galaxy MLS), and many more.

The cost to be a part of a venue is different than for events. The cost to the owner is generally a percentage of the daily profits which can be negotiated up front. If Totally Nutz® Corporate is assisting an owner with venue acquisition, corporate will make the initial contact with the venue personnel, set up the first meeting for the owner and then let the owner handle it from there. Don’t worry! We will coach each owner prior to their meeting so they know what to expect and what kind of bargaining room they may have.

The benefits of working in this type of environment are numerous. You can leave your equipment on-site and request a storage room for your product and supplies. You will also have a calendar of events that you can count on working. Working at a baseball or basketball venue will have a much larger number of events than football. Compare an average of 8 annual events to over 80 or more.

What Type of Continued Support is Offered by Totally Nutz®?

Totally Nutz® Corporate is available for our owners, even after training. As our owners are preparing for an event, we are available to help them to calculate how much product they will need to have on hand based on attendance numbers, how early they will need to arrive to set up and pre-roast, and how many staff they should have on-hand.

It doesn’t take long before our owners become seasoned veterans and are ready to stand on their own; however, corporate support is always available for troubleshooting, preparing for an event or an appointment at a venue. Every month we offer success stories, tips, and suggestions to assist our owners in strengthening their skills and gaining confidence.

If you are considering leaving your traditional job for one that offers freedom, flexibility, and fun, reach out to us to begin your free education at

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